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Shui On Land (Stock code: 272), the flagship property development company of Shui On Group in the Chinese mainland, is a leading urban solutions provider dedicated to creating sustainable premium urban communities in China. Established in 2004 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October 2006, it has a proven track record in building large scale, mixed-use, sustainable communities. As of 31 December, 2023, the Company has 14 projects in various stages of development, and its landbank stood at 8.5 million sq.m.. Shui On Land is also the parent company of Shui On Xintiandi, which is a leading investor and manager of premium and sustainable commercial properties in the Chinese mainland.

With a clear vision, an innovative mindset and ample international experience, Shui On Land's renowned master plan development approach has enabled the Company to unearth and capture fully in its projects local historic and cultural characteristics, in keeping with the goals of local governments in China. Its unique design concepts, as well as exceptional development and operational experience also equip the Company with the uncanny ability to blend seemingly disparate elements harmoniously and seamlessly into “live-work-learn-play” communities. These integrated and holistic communities inject vitality into urban settlements and, in the process, provide sustainable urban regeneration solutions.
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History and Milestone
- Founded by Vincent Lo, Shui On Construction Limited began real estate and construction business in Hong Kong

History and Milestone
- Shui On Group started to invest in the Chinese Mainland.

History and Milestone
April - Shui On Group acquired the development rights for Rui Hong Xin Cheng (Rainbow City) in Hong Kou District, Shanghai

December - Shui On Group signed the Letter of Intent with Luwan District Government to acquire the development rights for the Taipingqiao Redevelopment Project; first phase of the project was Shanghai Xintiandi

History and Milestone
January - Shanghai Shui On Plaza completed

June - Shui On Group received approval from the Shanghai Municipal Government on the redevelopment plan of Taipingqiao Area at Luwan District

History and Milestone
February - Construction of Shanghai Xintiandi commenced

History and Milestone
June - Construction of Shanghai Xintiandi North Block and Taipingqiao Lake and Park completed

History and Milestone
September - Shanghai Xintiandi officially opened

History and Milestone
August - Agreement signed with the Chongqing Yuzhong District Government for the Hualongqiao Redevelopment Project, Chongqing Tiandi

History and Milestone
February - Shui On Group officially established Shui On Land Ltd (Shui On Land) as its flagship property development company to consolidate and accelerate the group’s prime developments in Mainland China

March - Agreement signed with Shanghai Yangpu University City Investment and Development Ltd to jointly develop Yangpu University City's central area, named Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)

History and Milestone
April - Acquired the 61.2-hectare Yongqing Area in Wuhan for redevelopment, named Wuhan Tiandi

October - Construction of Chongqing Tiandi commenced

History and Milestone
March - Construction of Wuhan Tiandi commenced

October - Shui On Land was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under stock code 0272 on October 4, the largest Chinese real estate enterprise listing that year, raising HK$6.8 billion

History and Milestone
May - Shui On Land and Shui On Construction and Materials participated in jointly developing Dalian Software Park Phase 2-Dalian Tiandi

September - Construction of Dalian Tiandi commenced

November - Shui On Land acquired the land development rights for Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

History and Milestone
March - Dalian Tiandi acquired development rights of two land parcels in Huangnichuan Plate, Long Wang Tang Town, Lvshunkou District

October - Construction of Foshan Lingnan Tiandi commenced

History and Milestone
March - Acquisition of Land in Wujiaochang, Yangpu District, Shanghai in Relation to the KIC Project

August - Official Launch of Shui On Club

September - Acquisition of Land in Hongqiao District for the development of THE HUB

History and Milestone
June - Construction of THE HUB commenced

History and Milestone
May - Shui On Land held its first Sustainable Development Forum 2012 at Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

History and Milestone
March - China Xintiandi Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shui On Land Ltd has begun operation

October - Shui On Land held its Second Sustainable Development Forum 2013 at Wuhan Tiandi

October - Shui On Land and China Xintiandi Partner with Brookfield on Commercial Property Investment and Cooperation

History and Milestone
January - Shui On Land Reorganises Senior Management Structure

August - Shui On Land acquired construction and maintenance businesses in China to extend integrated value chain

October - Shui On Land held its Third Sustainable Development Forum 2014 at KIC

November - Shui On Land formed a JV with middle east institutional investor to capture new knowledge community opportunities in China

History and Milestone
July - Shui On Land entered into an agreement to divest 1 and 2 Corporate Avenue in Shanghai at a property value of RMB6,601 million

December - Shui On Land entered into an agreement to divest 3 Corporate Avenue in Shanghai at a property value of RMB5.7 billion

December - Official Launch of THE HUB

History and Milestone
April - Shui On Land divested a residential land parcel within Foshan Lingnan Tiandi to expedite the development of the community

May - Shui On Land entered into an agreement to divest two commercial properties at Wuhan Tiandi at a property value of RMB4.5 billion to realise the value of its asset portfolio

History and Milestone
January - Hua Xia Rising (Hong Kong) Limited, a joint venture company owned as to 50% by Shui On Land, made a successful bid for a land in the central area of Optics Valley City in Wuhan

May - Shui On Land entered in to an agreement to to sell 79.2% economic interests in a bundle of assets of Chongqing Tiandi

August - Shui On Land set up a joint venture company to acquire Lot 167 at Rui Hong Xin Cheng

September - Shui On Land entered into an agreement to monetise 49% of its interests in Shanghai

November - Shui On Land signed an agreement to sell its interests in Dalian Tiandi

December - Shui On Land was granted rights to take on the overall planning/renovation, management and operations of two projects in Nanjing

December - Shui On Land entered into an agreement to sell 49.5% effective interest in a portfolio of commercial properties in Shanghai Rui Hong Xin Cheng

December - Shui On Land entered into a Letter of Intent with China Life to strategically cooperate and jointly invest in real estate projects in China

December - Shui On Land acquired two office buildings at New Jiangwan City, Yangpu District, Shanghai

History and Milestone
March - Wuhan Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi was launched

July - The Group succeeded in bidding jointly with China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yongye Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. for the development rights of three land lots (Lots 123, 124, 132) in Huangpu District in Shanghai to develop a world-class commercial and office complex, as part of a project integrating commercial, office and residential developments with the Group’s existing properties in the Taipingqiao Project.

December - The Shui On Land Core-Plus Office Venture (“SCOV”), a real estate investment platform is founded by Shui On Land Limited, Manulife Investors, and China Life Trustees Limited

History and Milestone
March - The acquisition of Brookfield’s interest in China Xintiandi Holding (“CXTD”) is completed and now CXTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group

June - The Shui On Land Core-Plus Office Venture (“SCOV”) which is managed by Shui On Land completes its first acquisition - 5 Corporate Avenue (“CA5”), a premier Grade-A office complex located in the Xintiandi area in Shanghai

October - Wins Panlong urban village redevelopment project in Qingpu district, adds to significant Shanghai landbank

November - Wins HongShouFang urban regeneration project in Changshou comminity, Putuo district, Shanghai, builds mixed-use commercial project in inner ring area

November - Issues USD300 million inaugural Green Bond, which further solidifies the Company’s commitment towards building dynamic communities that integrate the sustainable development philosophy of green and health into various stages of strategic planning, product development and daily operation and management

History and Milestone
January - Donates 10 million RMB to help Wuhan fight the epidemic and announces rent relief for its commercial tenants

May - Wins residential land bids at Panlong Tiandi, which strengthens the Company's residential pipeline in Shanghai

May - Wins last two land parcels at Panlong Tiandi to create a new social and cultural destination in West Shanghai

August - Groundbreaking of Shanghai Hong Shou Fang

September - The roof sealing of Hall of the Sun in Shanghai Ruihong Tiandi is completed

November - Issues a further USD200 million of Green Bonds, adding to the USD300 million inaugural issue and taking the total outstanding to USD500 million

History and Milestone
February - Successfully acquiers a mixed-use Grade-A landmark property in Nanjing with Grosvenor on a 50/50 basis

June - Formed a joint venture with Shanghai Yongye on a 50/50 basis for a residential site within the Xintiandi community in Huangpu District, Shanghai.

June - Issues USD400 million Inaugural Sustainability-Linked Bonds

September - "Hall of the Sun" in Rui Hong Xin Cheng grand opens

December - Forms JV Company with Wuhan Urban Construction Group and have successfully won a bid for land in Wuhan

History and Milestone
January - Included in 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

May - Joins “Business With Purpose 2022” Pledge to Commit Sustainable Development for a Positive Future

December - Successfully acquired a plot of land in Yangpu District, Shanghai in partnership with Shanghai Yangshupu City Development Construction Co. Ltd.

History and Milestone
April - Formed joint venture with Shanghai Pucheng for redevelopment of the Zhaojia Lou Project

April - Successfully issued the largest ever private Green Mortgage-backed onshore CMBS

April - Grand opening of Panlong Tiandi

September - Grand opening of Hong Shou Fang

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