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5C SD Governance Structure: Sustainability Committee at Board Level
The Group’s sustainability governance structure has been revamped to facilitate effective implementation of the “5C” Sustainability strategy. The Board of Directors – our highest governance body – has overall responsibility for our sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Committee – consisting of selected company directors – meets regularly to discuss and make decisions on sustainability goals. The Sustainability Committee directly monitors and guides our overall sustainability performance and may delegate certain of its responsibilities to the Sustainable Development Executive Committee.

The responsibility for specific proposals and the implementation of specific goals at the operational level is delegated to five cross-departmental C Working Teams. Each team holds the KPIs of the goals, meets every month to drive implementation, and solves problems as they arise. KPIs are cascaded to relevant companies and departments for execution. The Sustainable Development Executive Committee and each C Working Team reports its progress and status to the Sustainability Committee for review on a regular basis, and the Sustainability Committee provides consolidated reports for submission to the Board of Directors.