Sustainable Development Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance is part of our SD Strategy and reflects our commitments to integrating sustainability considerations into our financing mechanisms.

Sustainability-Linked Bond

Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework

The Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework has been developed by the Group as a basis for entering into future sustainability-linked financing, including by way of issuing Sustainability-Linked Bonds, and by reference to the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020.

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Sustainability -Linked Bond Framework

Second-Party Opinion

Sustainability-Linked Bond Issuance

In June 2021, Shui On Land Limited announced that the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shui On Development (Holding) Limited, has priced its annual US$400 million Sustainability-Linked Bonds ("SLBs") under the Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework (the "SLB Framework").

The SLBs have a coupon of 5.50% and a tenor of five years with a call feature in the fourth year.

Green Finance

Green Finance Framework

For the purpose of issuing green bond(s), we have developed SOL Green Finance Framework.

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SOL Green Finance Framework

Second-Party Opinion

Green Bond Issuance

We launched our first green bond in November 2019, raising US$ 300 million at a coupon rate of 5.75%, maturing in 2023.

All of the proceeds were used to finance acquisition of Corporate Avenue 5 in Taipingqiao, Shanghai, the renovation of Shui On Plaza in Shanghai and the renovation of Shui On Land headquarters.

In 2020, we reopened the inaugural senior bond for a tap of US$200 million, bringing the total amount to US$500 million. The reopening transaction demonstrates our commitment towards building dynamic communities that integrate the sustainable development philosophy of building green and healthy communities.

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Green Bond Report 2020

Green Bond Report 2021


Corporate Avenue 5 in Taipingqiao achieved Gold Certification for LEED CS in 2015 and Three Star for China Green Building Label in 2012.