Sustainable Development Culture


At Shui On Land, we see culture as the culmination of the ideas, customs, values, social behaviour, and human achievement of a particular community. Culture strengthens our acceptance of others, improves the physical and mental health of a society, and brings about opportunities for people to come together.

Highlights of our own major development include finding win-win solutions for historic preservation and commercial development, small scale replicable urban regenerations and place creation, public, private partnerships linking culture and sustainability together, and other partnerships that promote cultural heritage and development. We also celebrate the shift in emphasis from “Made in China” to “Created in China” for products and services, and reflect this via our support for not only Chinese products and partnerships, but also support for local artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

By 2030, we want to have a stronger sense of SOL as a cultural leader and to achieve more ambitious and impressive targets as well as to reflect, review, and revise a new culture strategy beyond 2030.

Our priorities regarding Culture include:

  • Rejuvenate urban, cultural heritage sites
  • Engage, connect, and promote local creativity with future business opportunities
  • Promote international cultural diversity and exchange

2030 Targets

By 2030, we aim to:

  • - Be a pioneer in preservation and adaptive reuse of historical buildings and its urban fabric
  • - Enhance the vibrancy of the communities that we develop through the programming of cultural content and the design and management of city streetscapes
  • - Promote and celebrate local creative talent

Signature initiatives in 2021 will be:

  • - Become a thought leader in the urban planning and real estate sector on urban regeneration through preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and districts
  • - Created in China (featuring the "Creators 100" programme which promotes and spotlights local creators)
  • - Enhance global cultural exchange in China through developing and operating signature IP events across our portfolio


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