Sustainable Development Care


Our vision to become a pioneer of sustainable premium urban communities starts with a great team. Our 3,141-strong team of caring, dedicated, and creative employees is what has helped us create the business we run today and are the key to our success. We recognise that the future of SOL depends on the quality, performance, and commitment of our dedicated employees.

To us, creating a great place to work means treating every employee fairly and providing equal opportunities for holistic career development. To become an employer of choice, we have prioritised offering our staff a safe and healthy working environment and fostering a collaborative working culture, where everyone can be motivated to develop their skillsets and deliver the best results.

We also believe it is imperative to consistently attract, develop, motivate, and retain employees effectively - not only to drive performance and power innovation - but more importantly, to nurture a caring, talented, healthy, and engaged team. We enable a working environment where diversity is considered a strength and discrimination of any kind is prohibited.

Our priorities regarding Care include:

  • Provide equal opportunities in training and development
  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Ensure health and safety for all
  • Improve employee wellbeing 

2030 Targets

By 2030, we aim to:

  • - Develop a holistic training programme and individual career development plan for all employees of every level across all business units
    Average training hours per employee per year: 40

  • - Provide a safe, healthy, and inclusive office environment for all staff
    Maintain zero workplace fatalities for all employees and contracted partners in the supply chain
    Achieve gender equality and diversity across the company and gender remuneration ration 1:1 between female and male

  • - Encourage all employees to be socially responsible
    Average volunteer service hours per employee per year: 8

In 2020, our highlights include:

  • - Gender split – 47:53 female/male average ratio
  • - 21.8 average hours of employee development training provided

Signature initiatives in 2021 will be:

  • - Develop SOL Talent Development program and enhance our employer branding for talent attraction and retention
  • - Target to be included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) as an industry leader in promoting gender equality


In 2020, Shui On Academy held SOL Career Week, providing equal opportunities in training and development to every employee.