Property Developments Wuhan Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi

Property Developments

Property Developments

Wuhan Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi

Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi is a large multi-functional complex project which has been developed by Wuhan Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi Property Development Co., Ltd., a company co-founded by Shui On Land and CITIC Pacific.

Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi has a floor space of around 1.28 million square meters, is located within the core area of Optics Valley Central City in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone.

Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi can be divided into three main areas with distinct functions, namely the:Innovation Finance, Innovation Pioneer and Innovation Living. The Project integrates urban development and cultural experiences in an innovative manner, thus creating a unique international center for innovation and startups.

Optics Valley Innovation Tiandi will focus on financial services, provide a platform for growth industries, create urban business areas, offer a space for cultural development, and attract the most talented personnel. Facilitate Optics Valley development to build a vibrant international center.

Innovation Finance has a floor space of around 350,000 square meters. It is located next to the public service center of Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone to the north of Shendun 1st Road and metro line 11, thus making it easily accessible by transport. It comprises an A-rated office building of 200 meters in height, four corporate headquarters and a one-stop shopping mall covering 150,000 square meters. It connects neighboring commercial blocks with the metro, thus forming a regional business center.

Innovation Finance will accommodate at least eight regional headquarters and branches of national financial institutions with licenses issued by BOC, CBRC, CSRC and CIRC. It will also be home to numerous international brands and middle-high end fashion labels in order to serve as a shopping center for regional high-end consumers. It will furthermore bring together international headquarters and financial capitals in order to offer excellent services to smart industry, a fashionable shopping environment for high-end consumers, and build a international Innovation Finance.

Innovation Pioneer has a floor space of around 480,000 square meters, is situated close to Optics Valley 6th Road, connecting Shendun 1st Road and metro line 11 to Wangyue Road. With Innovation Boulevard as its axis, it is comprised of 1 distinctive commercial block, 3 innovation buildings, 1 innovation exhibition center and 8 SOHO yards. The 8 yards are interconnected, linking the innovation square to the vibrant innovation center and therefore extending, weaving together and pooling the area in which business is conducted.

Innovation Pioneer will bring together various innovative elements, including innovative office spaces and recreational streets, a national incubator, upstream and downstream businesses of leading IT companies, and fast-growing regional Internet startups. It will serve as a center for world-renowned up-to-the-minute information releases and cultural exhibitions, and sports center and recreational facilities to offer a diversified and lively space for startups and people to communicate, experience and grow together.

Innovation Living has a floor space of around 450,000 square meters, has the Xinyuexi park on its western side, and Wuhan Optics Valley International Foreign Languages School to its east. It offers a pleasant environment with an average plot ratio of 2.5 and thoughtfully-arranged buildings of various sizes.

Promoting the concept of a “sutured city”, the center has a layout in which the qualities of an urban green belt, a public activity ring, a green landscape, a business center, a vitality center, a community center and a cultural center are all interlaced. Influential talented personnel in innovative industries will be attracted here, creating a international Innovation Living community which will grow towards the future.