Property Developments Shanghai Xintiandi

Property Developments

Property Developments

Shanghai Xintiandi

Shanghai Xintiandi,as one of the most fashionable social & culture destinations in the city, consistently combines business revolution with business optimization in improving brand development, aiming to build iconic eclectic commercial spaces.

Shanghai Xintiandi consists of five areas. Based on the unique consumption needs of various groups, Shanghai Xintiandi offers a special platform to connect different communities where they can meet, grow and engage with each other. Among this, Xintiandi is innovatively remolded from Shikumen, the symbol of Shanghai classic architecture, into a special landmark where concentrates culture, lifestyle, dining and fashion. Xintiandi Plaza is positioned as “New Woman Social Destination”, offering an immersive style of experience with a variety of modern retailors and service providers, aiming to empower urban social connection and shared values of community. Xintiandi Style is the platform to create zero-distance communication between China and international fashion design, becoming the center for Chinese design power. HUBINDAO Shopping Center focuses on lifestyle offerings and is positioned in “health, sports and life”, trying to satisfy different demands of white collars, families and high-end surroundings. The newly upgraded Xintiandi Style is positioned in Neo Luxury and focuses on international trendy and high-end lifestyle group. By powering the integrated planning and structure polishing of Shanghai Taipingqiao, Shanghai Xintiandi is building a sustainable Culture & Social Destination.