Property Developments

Property Developments

Property Developments

Dalian Tiandi was born after the Dalian Municipal Government successfully procured investment from Hong Kong in 2006. It is being developed as a joint venture between Dalian YiDa Group and Shui On Group’s subsidiaries Shui On Land and SOCAM, the project is expected to have a planned total GFA of 3.11 million sq.m.. Shui On Land is one of the most innovative and visionary real estate developers in China, and in view of the rapid development of the software industry and the shortcomings of currently-existing software parks in China, Shui On Land decided to develop a project that was tailor-made to the needs of software companies. Overall planning for Dalian Tiandi is to be carried out by Skidmore, Owings & Merril (SOM), a design firm that is famous for creating landmark buildings. Meanwhile, architectural design is to be provided by the world-renowned architectural design firm Palmer & Turner.

Overall planning of Dalian Tiandi places the park in perfect harmony with the natural environment. The value and individuality of Dalian Tiandi comes from protecting and enhancing the surrounding hills, valleys, and coastline, and planning strives to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.

Dalian Tiandi includes Hekou Bay Plate to the east and the Huang Ni Chuan Plate to the west. Both plates have their own individual charm, and as a result of impeccable planning they are also closely interconnected and mutually complementary. The range of facilities, level of integration, and quality of operation at Dalian Tiandi place it far ahead of anything competitors can provide.

Huang Ni Chuan provides offices that specially cater to the needs of the software industry, representing our dedication to creating a suitable community for knowledge-industry professionals. Software Hub combines nature, ecology, and culture in one holistic space. Inside the hub is a complete business ecosystem offering public services, exhibitions facilities, software development services, technological R&D, IT services, training facilities, and campuses for large-scale corporations.

In the Huang Ni Chuan Plate of Dalian Tiandi, construction of four large-scale 5-star industrial offices, all of which are LEED-certified, has already been completed. Over 10 Fortune 500 hi-tech companies have already moved in to the hub, including IBM. They cover a range of sectors, such as software development, major games development, service outsourcing, IT training, advertising, and SME incubators, and collectively employ over 10,000 people. The Tiandi Software Hub also takes both a macro and micro approach to encouraging companies to relocate to Dalian Tiandi and providing them with highly-talented personnel. By creating the IT Talent Fund a one-stop corporate and HR services centre , attracting world-class IT training centres, and working with partners that possess rich experience in the field of software hub management and operation, it has established itself as one of the foremost 5-star hi tech hub in China.

IT Tiandi is a landmark commercial centre in Huang Ni Chuan Plate of Dalian Tiandi that has a building area of 140,000 square meters. More than 30 tenants have already moved in. It will combine shopping, fine dining, sports and leisure, a huge selection of entertainment options, culture and the arts, and high-end amenities. It is the perfect combination of culture and commerce, innovation and tradition - which, with the consummate public services, make it the perfect place for knowledge-industry professionals to live, work and find inspiration. IT Tiandi offers a rich array of specialty restaurants, retail outlets and sports and leisure facilities, combined with a creative ambiance and leading commercial events. For knowledge-industry professionals based in the Dalian Tiandi software hub, it provides a new shopping experience that is stylish yet relaxed, cultured and refined, and far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Phase two of Dalian Tiandi's Greenville has already been completed and includes villas as well as low- and high-rise apartments. The unveiling of Greenview Heights, a new development in Huang Ni Chuan Plate of Dalian Tiandi, has attracted intense interest in the market and from among industry insiders. It continues to enjoy strong sales.

10,000 sq.m. central club house boasts a fully covered indoor sunlit swimming pool, basketball court, gym and dance studio, spa, outdoor children's playground and driving range - making it the perfect answer to residents' leisure and entertainment needs. The high architectural quality, consummate facilities, and exemplary property management services of Dalian Tiandi provide a unique island of paradise where people can live, work, and study.

Construction of the Engineering Apartments (Ling Long) has already been completed, and the Engineering Apartments (Ling Long) is now being marketed to people who work within the park. It is located next to the ice skating rink in the Dongbei region and is only 100m away from the IT Tiandi commercial centre. The development features a ring of red, white and black 12 and 18-storey apartment buildings that are simple yet stylish in appearance. The buildings on either side form an 'L' shape and the north- and south-facing central building is the same shape as the Chinese character for 'one'. A total of 1,400 units are available for rent. Like its exterior, the Engineering Apartments' (Ling Long) interior design is also stylishly uncomplicated. Meticulously chosen bookcases, wardrobes, desks, single beds and other furniture mean that young knowledge professionals will want for nothing when they move in. Outside, the comprehensive amenities, convenient transport access, and nearby outdoor sports ground makes the Engineering Apartments (Ling Long) a wonderful and healthy place to live.

Hekou Bay Plate of Dalian Tiandi proudly stands at the heart of the High Tech Park and is the finishing touch to southern Dalian's picturesque coastline. Hekou Bay Plate draws upon the essence and success of the Shui On Group's Xintiandi range and master-planned knowledge communities, incorporating the best amenities the city has to offer with international style and modern taste. It applies the principles of sustainable development and smart urban planning, and represents an international strategic vision to create the 'new city centre of Dalian'. Hekou Bay Plate seeks to become a new world-class centre of style and socializing that perfectly combines work, life, study and entertainment together with nature, science, and culture, standing at the forefront of urban life in Dalian.

Hekou Bay Plate of Dalian Tiandi has a planned area of over 220,000 square meters and includes five unique commercial districts and high-end business clusters. From creative entertainment centres, a shopping mall with a stunning central atrium, and luxury boutique shopping outlets, to a Xintiandi-inspired commercial street, special concept area and the Lei Yue Mun Seafood Paradise, the quarter provides an exceptional shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, and travel experience.

Furthermore, the fusion of art with Chinese and international culture will make the Hekou Bay Plate a world-class capital of style that typifies the best that Dalian has to offer. Shui On has its finger on the pulse when it comes to world-class fashion and lifestyle: Dalian Tiandi has adopted the 'Shanghai Xintiandi' model for housing top leisure and entertainment facilities, combining new and old buildings of historical significance with Dalian's charming coastal style to create what is set to become a new travel destination in the city. In addition, the planned super grade A office buildings, 5-star hotels and luxury residences provide a higher quality of life for residents of the Hekou Bay Plate.

Units in Splendid Bay, Dalian Tiandi's first residential complex, officially went on sale in May 2013. The precious coastal views of the complex's south side, its simple, modern building design, stylish yet cozy interior decorations, extensive transport links, and eagerly-anticipated forthcoming commercial cluster make Splendid Bay the undisputable first choice among knowledge-industry professionals working in the High Tech Park. On 5 July 2015, Splendid Bay III was unveiled. The initial launch has caused a sensation in Dalian's housing market.

The flawless synergy of Dalian Tiandi's two plates is designed to make work, life, and entertainment an absolute delight for knowledge-industry professionals and people who wish to lead a green and stylish lifestyle. The project provides superior value when it comes to education and leisure, as well as company growth and investment. Once construction has been completed, this masterpiece of international real estate will be the pride of Dalian and help accelerate its progress towards becoming one of the world’s top cities.