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Shui On Land signed a new partnership agreement with Bank of Shanghai, aiming to further collaboration between banks and enterprises

14 Mar 2022

Shui On Land signed a memorandum of understanding with Bank of Shanghai on real estate financing and ESG and sustainable financing.

Recognizing Shui On Land's achievements and important contributions to urban renewal, Bank of Shanghai has agreed to provide full support to funding the Company’s future investments in city regeneration, urban re-development, and other community projects.  This will further enhance Shui On Land's ability to be a pioneer of sustainable premium urban communities.

At the same time, Shui On Land will leverage Bank of Shanghai's expertise and advantages in ESG and sustainability related products and services to optimize the Company’s sustainability strategy and initiatives.

Both Shui On Land and Bank of Shanghai are committed to leveraging their respective resources and strengths to further enhance Shanghai’s position as one of the most important financial centres globally.

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