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Wuhan Tiandi North Hall of Horizon Shopping Center Received AIA Shanghai | Beijing 2021 Honor Award for Architecture Design

17 Feb 2022

We are very pleased that Shui On Land’s project Wuhan Tiandi North Hall of HORIZON Shopping Center received the AIA Shanghai| Beijing 2021 Honor Award for Architecture Design. The project was recognized for building and incorporating the consumption or enjoyment of retail, food and beverage, entertainment, or amusement establishments into multi-tenant shopping centers.

This is the fourth annual Design Excellence Awards announced by AIA Shanghai | Beijing and the award received is one of the most respected honors in the architectural profession. The purpose of these awards is to encourage and recognize distinguished architectural achievements of architects, clients, and consultants who work to shape and improve the quality of life through design excellence and innovation.

Wuhan Tiandi North Hall of HORIZON Shopping Center opened in May 2019 is a project that provides a new nature-integrated experience with a combination of urban environment and leisure shopping in a three-dimensional greening space. Wuhan Tiandi North and South Hall of Horizon and Wuhan Xintiandi together create a larger Wuhan Tiandi business district, which empowers urban social experience with diversified space. It builds a world class business platform with more premium quality and potential for commercial brands, brings diversified consumer experience, and serves as a barometer of medium and high-end consumption, which help to take the development of Wuhan's commercial market to the next level.  

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