Shui On Club Member Activities

Member Activities

Upcoming Events - Outdoor Challenge at The Hub (Hongqiao Tiandi)

Shui On Club is inviting you to the Outdoor Challenge of the Year. Bring your kid(s) and be prepared for an exciting day that is set to challenge you both physically as well as mentally. Shuttle bus will be available for transfer between city centre and The Hub in Hongqiao district. For details and reservation, please call (021)63367898. Limited availability. First come, first served.

Past events

  • Wuhan Tiandi Mahjong Tournament

    A mahjong tournament was held at the Central Clubhouse of Wuhan Tiandi on 12 September. Nearly two hundred residents and VIPs had a wonderful “play date” consisted of mahjong and card games, along with attractive prizes and sumptuous buffet lunch.

  • a Dog Sports & Fun Day

    Shui on Club held a Dog Sports & Fun Day at the tennis court of Rui Hong Xin Cheng Clubhouse on 23 May 2015. Over 100 members with 30 dogs participated the event.

  • Dalian Family Day

    Shui On Club held its first family activity day in Dalian Tiandi on 19 July, which consisted of various games and competitions, creative drawings, pond fishing etc. The event attracted over 70 members age ranges from 1 to 90 years old.