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Shui On Xintiandi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shui On Land, is an investor, operator and manager of premium commercial properties, and a curator of social spaces based in the Chinese Mainland. The company keeps to the idea of ‘live, work and play’ from Shui On Land, and is committed to build vibrant communities and nurture commercially thriving districts. Shui On Xintiandi delivers innovative experiences for consumers and long-term value for businesses guided by its mission to ‘bring places to life, and life to places’. The company focuses principally on retail, office, entertainment and hotel properties of Shui On Land.

Shanghai Xintiandi


Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

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Unlike the traditional commercial real estate brands, XINTIANDI is a new culture and social destination. Since 2001, the birth of Shanghai Xintiandi, the flagship project of XINTIANDI has started the path of urban renewal, culture inheritance and creation of sustainable communities. In the past two decades, it has witnessed and led the changing of China’s commercial development as well as shaping the city cultural memories. Through extraordinary creative pioneer cultural content, it empowers diverse social experience and builds a community with resonance and sense of belonging. XINTIANDI continues to actively promote the new force of young Chinese creators, implements the concepts of “created in China”, and builds a culturally urban community with creators from diverse field.

In the 20th anniversary of XINTIANDI, we will launch our special yearly campaign CREATORS 100 celebrating the stories of the creative class. With the core value of inheriting culture, pioneering sustainability and Co-Creating future, we connect the future generation of visionaries through the whole-year cultural activities and celebration. As our 20 years anniversary tagline goes #createdinXTD, we committ not only to be a diverse and creative hub for great minds but also a sustainable urban community pioneer.


SHUI ON WORKX (SOWX) is the office business management label of Shui On Land and manages a portfolio of office assets under such brands as Corporate Avenue (CA) and INNO. SOWX’s ethos envisages a platform that first and foremost addresses human-centric needs and at the same time enables organizational and individual value co-creation. Going forward, SOWX will develop a diversified portfolio of core+flex office solutions with urban central offices as the core of corporate headquarters plus flexible distributed intelligent offices. SOWX has a track record of over 22 years in office project development and asset management and currently manages a total office footprint of 1.92 million sqm across China.

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Office Buiding A1 in Wuhan Tiandi

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