Property Developments Xintiandi Style

Xintiandi Style

Xintiandi Style is the third phase development of Shanghai Xintiandi – Shanghai’s landmark culture, lifestyle, dining and fashion complex. Aligning with Shanghai Xindiandi’s style, Xintiandi Style also adopts a ” East meets west”, and “New meets old” architectural style. It brings Shanghai’s distinctive Shikumen (stone alley houses) street view into interior design. In terms of brand mix, Xintiandi Style introduces a number of emerging designer brands from China and all over the world., It also gathers a number of leading designer brands.  Vera Wang opened  first flagship store in China, alongside other well-known Asian original labels such as UMA WANG, BANXIAOXUE, JI CHENG, EVENPENNILESS and HAN LULU. Adding to the excitement, a number of celebrities have entered into China’s fashion market with their own trend-setting shops at Xintiandi Style, such as STAYREAL by Ashin and SMUDGE by JJ Lin. Xintiandi Style is committed to providing a zero-distance platform for local and international designers, giving impetus for international designer brands to gather in China.