Property Developments Lakeville


Lakeville is the luxurious apartment at Shanghai Xintiandi that delivers an experience of international high-end community living environment.

Lakeville is an integral part of the “City Center Master-planned Community”. Together with Xintiandi, Corporate Avenue, Xintiandi Style and the newly opened Hubindao, the community forms an integrated upscale area that incorporates commerce, travel, living and fashionable elements. This extensive up-market residential development covers a planned GFA of approximately 534, 000 sq.m, is located at the southern side of Taipingqiao Lake in Shanghai. In the immediate vicinity of Huai Hai Zhong Road Business Cluster, and having north-south elevated rails and metro lines 1,8,9,10 and 13 within easy reach, Lakeville is without doubt  in the core area of Shanghai, “the centre” of the city centre.

Lakeville, committed to creating high-quality living environment and experience, has completed four phases of development thus far. Benefited from Xintiandi's unique dining, shopping, leisure and entertainment ancillary facilities, residents can experience the convenience of an international community. At the same time, at Xintiandi, one can explore the culture and mémoires of Shanghai, and enjoys the diverse cultural and arts from all over the world. The artistic ambiance and quality of living go without saying. Many of the world's top 500 and well-known companies are headquartered in the Corporate Avenue. The two five-star hotels, Langham Hotel and Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai have long been popular among business travellers. They enhances the value of Lakeville, and form a "life network". While providing all the convenience, Lakeville, situated next to the Taipingqiao artificial lake, offers tranquility rarely found in a busy city life, make one feel like in an oasis in the city.

Phase 1 is situated at 168 Jinan Road. Completed in 2002,built in the style of Old Shanghai Shikumen courtyard houses, the Lakeville features ten low-rise residential towers, two high-rise residential towers, six townhouses and one villa, providing a total of 284 units between 108 and 400 sq.m. 40% of the site are landscaped area with recreational amenities including a clubhouse and an indoor heated swimming pool.  As the first celebrated piece of Lakeville, the Shikumen architectural style of Phase 1 of Lakeville is consistent with that of Xintiandi. It blends history, architecture, culture and life, and leads the trend of upscale residences in Shanghai.

Phase 2, the Lakeville Regency, is situated at 168 Shunchang Road and was completed in 2006. The development comprises 17 low-rise and high-rise residential blocks with 645 residential units. The one- to five- bedroom units range from 93 sq.m. to 660 sq.m. in area. The 7,000-sq.m. luxurious residents’ clubhouse houses a number of facilities including an indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, a gymnastic room, a spa, as well as restaurants and other facilities, providing all essential elements of a high quality living. Its Art Deco style, combined with modern living and the living space, has made the project a classic for Shanghai upscale residences, and become a new benchmark for Shanghai's top-end residences.

Phase 3, Casa Lakeville, is situated at 506 South Huangpi Road. Completed in 2009, the project, in a modern, minimalist style, features 11 residential towers to provide 452 units. The sizes of one-to-four bedroom units range from 89 sq.m. to 687 sq.m.. Besides, Casa Lakeville is equipped with a 3,000-sq.m. deluxe clubhouse. In 2010, the last 18 sets of featured units, The Manor, were launched. With 5 low-rise buildings, the 18 refined units enable owners to experience living in a mansion in the core of Shanghai city. It has also created the concept of custom-made luxury units, again leading the luxury market in Shanghai.

Phase 4, Lakeville Luxe, is situated at 260 Jinan Road.   The Project comprises 8 blocks with 301 residential units ranging from approximately 170-800 sq.m.. Built in modern French style, all façades are constructed with imported stones, and artistic elements are incorporated in interior design and selection of building materials to provide a comfortable and artistic living environment. Customized interior design and fit-out service is offered to limited special units. The two above ground clubhouses,  “The Club” and “Club e”, with a site area of approximately 3,000 sq.m., are exclusive for residents of Lakeville Luxe.  The tastefully designed “The Club” includes a banquet hall, while “Club e” exclusively offers a   25m. heated swimming pool, a fitness centre, a yoga room and a playroom for children.  A variety of activities are specially organized according to residents’ interests and during festive seasons.

As a top leader in the market, Lakeville has always had strong brand influence in Shanghai's luxury residential market. The enhancement in artistic influences brings the most sophisticated lifestyle and experience to the residents. At present, only 50% of the planned area in Xintiandi has been completed. The next stage of development includes the only international schools in the city centre, the upgrade of Dongtai Road Antique Street and other commercial, entertainment and cultural spots. The new development, to be completed by stages, will further strengthen the position of Lakeville as a premium luxury residence in Shanghai.