CSR Green Living

Green Living

Sustainable Development Forum

In 2012, Shui On Land held its first Shui On Land Sustainable Development Forum in Foshan Lingnan Tiandi. After that, the forum was held in Wuhan Tiandi, knowledge & Innovation Community (KIC) and Taipingqiao in Shanghai. In each occasion, experts from China and overseas shared the latest know-how and global trends in sustainable development, while presenting their ideas on building sustainable community. We not only develop “Green Community” in our projects, but also hope to explore the trends in developing Green City with governments, peers and experts and take the opportunity brought by the Forum to jointly promote Green Community, Green city and Green Economy.

Green Office

Shui On Land advocate concept of green office. Our headquarters and a number of project offices were received LEED-CI certification. At Shui On Land, we fully the concept of "water-conservation, energy saving and healthy working" in all respects. We regularly organise various “Green Office” activities and our staff apply environmental principles in their daily lives.

Promoting Environmental Protection

The urban farm in Wuhan Tiandi is adhering to Shui On Land’s sustainable development concept, based on the principles of “Health, Green, Work and Leisure”. The urban farm adopts a new agricultural business model of “Community Support Agricultural” to connect the farm and the residents in Wuhan tiandi. The urban farm received positive feedback from the residents as they can fully enjoy the happiness from farming and harvesting. The set-up of the urban farm not only promotes the importance of environmental protection, but also for helps the residents in our projects enjoy healthy foods.