CSR Cultivation of Talent

Cultivation of Talent

Employee Training and Development

The identification of employees of high-calibre at an early stage, and preparing them to take up management and leadership responsibilities through custom-made training programmes is a major objective of Shui On Land’s training and development programmes which will help the sustainable growth of the Group.

Management Cadet (MC) Programme
This fast-track development programme was established in 2002 for all internal staff with at least three years of working experience. The programme focuses on their potential to take up key management positions in a shorter time frame.

Management Trainee (MT) Programme
Established in 1997, this programme aims to prepare fresh graduates to take up management positions. Under the guidance of the mentors, the trainees undergo a rigorous three-year training of personal development and management skills.

Graduate Trainee (GT) Programme
Aiming to grow fresh graduates to take up relevant professional positions in the Group, this programme provides industry-specific training, and teaching of essential management techniques. The duration of the course varies, depending on the professional streams Throughout the programme, job rotation arrangements are made for each trainee, and a six to twelve months secondment to external professional institutions is also arranged where applicable.

Summer Internship Programme
Established in 2001, the programme provides four to eight weeks of summer internship opportunities for university students from Chinese Mainland.

Shui On Academy

Established in 2008, Shui On Academy supports staff and organizational learning and development, aligning with the strategy and growth of Shui On Land. The Academy promotes the spirit of accountability and life-long learning, and provides innovative learning opportunities that drive individual and company performance in a competitive environment.
The Shui On Academy not only supports staff development, but also offers programs to our partners, customers, and the communities we serve as part of our company’s strong tradition of having close relationships with the people and organizations in our community.

To provide a strategic direction for the development and education of Shui On Land’s employees, partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.


  •  Support SOL to attain business goals by linking learning to performance and business needs, with a focus on providing employees at all levels with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed.
  •  Promote life-long learning culture of the Company and provide innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and encourage continuous learning.
  •  Provide tools and structure for employees to create their own individual learning path throughout their career and help individual employees and their business unit managers to be accountable for staff learning and growth.
  •  Enhance the company’s brand image by developing programmes that show Shui On Land as a thought leader, a partner of the community, and an employer of choice.

Professional Program

TTT Program

Entrepreneurship Support

Building Knowlede Community and Promoting Innovation
The Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) is a multi-functional community focusing on education, technology, culture, research and incubation with a lifestyle characterised by health and sustainability to cope with the urban and economic transformation. KIC is designed to provide live-work-play-learn accommodations and community to attract, nurture, and retain top talents.
Launched in May 2013, the InnoSpace International Camp, organised by KIC, is a 16-week business incubation programme which provides a platform for internet and mobile internet entrepreneurs to put their ideas into reality.

Nurturing Talent to support the long-term development of society
Shui On Land’s cooperation with Fudan University(, one of the top universities in the Chinese Mainland,) is an excellent example of cross-sector integration between the corporate and education sectors. Launched in 2011, the “Fudan-Shui On” Youth Entrepreneurship Course aims to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship among university students through an innovative, systematic and targeted entrepreneurship course. The course(, jointly designed by Shui On Land and Fudan University,) will promote the emergence and development of new enterprises. Shui On Land has donated a total of RMB6.6 million to sponsor this three-year course.